The story of a photographer

I was born in Laurel, MS, and raised a true country Mississippi girl. Barefoot grounding and connection to water and the earth are huge aspects of my personal life and my life as a creator.

My journey as a professional photographer began at Mississippi State where I obtained a BFA in Fine Art with a concentration in Photography. My thesis series titled Convergence was created to reveal the effect nature has on us and how it can affect our mental state, and was fueled by countless hours of research. Convergence within my art has always toyed with the merge between altered mental states and nature metaphorically.

Today, I continue in my path of connection to nature through every photoshoot and commission I work with creatively. Earth roots and ties are always in the back of my mind when I step behind the camera, work with floral designs, and with any commission I create.

On top of my journey as a photographer, I also have collectively close to five years working in retail florists, as well as a solo floral designer.